The success of Wellnessjob projects is in it's team

We have a dynamic and proactive professionals team, oriented to customer service, which allows us to maintain the levels of satisfaction and loyalty of all our clients, at the same time that we offer a high quality service.


In addition, we collaborate with healthcare professionals to offer integral services.


The Wellnessjob team consists of Sport and Physical Education Graduates, doctors specialized in sports medicine, nutritionists, physiotherapists and osteopaths. And it is led by the following team:

Pedro Villarroya

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I’m Pedro and I’m the General Director of CET10.

I have a great experience in management of specialized service companies in the leisure sector and specifically in sports.

My goals go to lead projects with clear objectives where I can be an important part in the design and the implementation.

This is what motivates me, projects that represent a challenge.

And Wellnessjob is one of them.

Sandra Carballo

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Hi, I am Sandra and I have been in charge of Wellnessjob since 2005. I have a degree in Physical Education from INEFC and a Masters in Management of Sports Organizations taught at the URL.

I am the responsible for the Wellnessjob project so if you have any questions. It will be a pleasure to get in touch with you.

You can send me an email directly to:

Albert Flores

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My name is Albert and I am the person in charge of the Department of Fitness and Wellness of CET10 since 2011, where the Wellnessjob project is included.

All my professional career have been developed inside the sector, working in Orthos, CEM Bac de Roda, CEM Jupiter, Sport AIE, Sant Andreu Swimming Club, Holmes Place Iberia and DIR.

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